Corporate Profile

Our commitment to our clients is to provide reliable and successful solutions to unique and often difficult problems.

Walker, Nott, Dragicevic Associates Limited strives to ensure that this philosophy is achieved, drawing upon years of experience and expertise in many facets of land use planning and urban design. Robert A. Dragicevic and Wendy Nott are the leading principals whose extensive experience and innovative ideas have formed the foundation for the company since its establishment in 1984.

In 2015, Andrew Ferancik was promoted as a Principal with WND Associates.

Since its inception, Walker, Nott, Dragicevic Associates Limited has prided itself in its ability to achieve a consistently high success rate in carrying projects through to completion with reliable, and many times, innovative solutions. Our goal remains the same — to provide our clients with reliable, innovative and successful solutions, thereby ensuring a strong and returning client base.